have you ever been catfished?

May 17th 2017



So then what is a catfish..?
This is the programme on MTV all about how people meet other people online..
They believe that they are the real person in the picture and end up falling in love…(aaawwww)
Then disaster strikes..!!!
They find out that the person in the picture is not the real person, the person who claims to be a beautiful woman sometimes is a fat old man or someone who likes to lie a lot..!
So why do people fall for it…?
They fall for it, even though they realise that may be too good to be true..
>>And it usually is..
The same goes with the marketing and hype of bullshit diet products.
They are marketed to have amazing properties and benefits that outweigh real food.  (This also, seems too good to be true and it usually is)
So we get sucked in to spending money on a tablet or drink to achieve amazing results
Then disaster strikes again (Like the Catfish..)
You end up believing the lie and instead of a fat old man, you get duped into a fake supplement..
>>Then this happens..
You are hungry, because you are under eating; you start to feel weak, because you are undereating; 
But because you are under eating you lose weight and this makes you happy, for a short time..
So you might think yes, this diet really works, like the person being cat-fished, who thinks it is a real person at the end of the web..
So then, the top tip is to save your money, just buy and eat less food and stay of tinder..! 


​Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Training Gym

P.S – Only 2 weeks until we shut the doors on our Ultim8you Course, do you want a spot..? This is not a catfish.. 😉