Free master class

January 31st 2018


​I know it has taken some time… BUT…

The FREE master class is here…!

Starting on Saturday 10th February – 1200 at SC vital Fitness, see you there 🙂

“What are we going to cover…?

Ahh yes… the you need to know if your questions will be answered..?

As well as your free body fat test and mini consultation…How does this sound..?

Tip #1 – How to reduce body fat and how quick you can do it?
What is fat?
What is the best food/supplements to burn fat quickly?
How do you lose weight quickly without dieting?  

Tip #2 – Find out why you can’t lose fat or gain strength, no matter how much you exercise?
What is a calorie deficit?
What exercises are best for strength, fat loss & endurance? And Spot reducing certain areas (Bingo wings etc) 
How many times should I work out per week? 
What is Overtraining? 
Secret NON – Diet way to success..! 

Tip #3 – How can you make the right healthy foods taste good?
What is wrong with chicken and broccoli diet?
Carbs or Protein, what is best? 
Can you lose fat without counting calories? 
What is a FAD..? 

And much much more…!

Our Personal Training facility “SC Vital Fitness” can do ALL that (and a whole lot more)… 

Talk soon,
Sean Cole

P.S. The Ultim8you doesn’t do EVERYTHING for you… you still have to work hard, but it will give you the tools to make your fitness journey an awesome one!