every day counts

June 23rd 2017


Do you know that Every day Counts..? 

Our deepest fear is finding out that one day there will be no places to hide from the fact that we are getting more overweight and unable to keep up with the kids.

So we decide to look for a gym or a personal trainer.

  • The thing is I know that you’re scared that the Gym/Personal Trainer may not work.

  • I know that some days you are motivated to get fit and other days you are not …. why else would the same New Year’s resolutions be set every year..?

  • I know that when you start your fitness journey you’ll be afraid that everybody will laugh at you

  • I also know that every day you tread a fine line between getting over these fears and creating an impact on your life.

  • But I also know because you’re reading this, that you are so close to making a breakthrough.

The thing is I wrestle with the same fears every day

I put on a brave face even though I sometimes feel in myself that I’m also struggling.

As a lot of people who are on any fitness journey, they are born from the same idea…we want to be better than we were yesterday..

The problem is that you start to make assumptions on what you want by listening to the media and what everybody else tells you about how you should look and feel.

Which makes us resist trying to go too far away from the expected norms of diet shakes and hitt classes because the price of failure is high.

We restrict what we eat and we smash ourselves to pieces in the gym and it still doesn’t work…..why..?

It’s a lot to do with your thought process and your mindset..

Our tagline is “The body achieves what the mind believes….

Lemme exsplaineth..

If you get your mind right your body you want will want to follow.


Sean Cole
Training Director
​SC Vital Fitness

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