Educate yourself and don’t fall for this BULLSHIT

June 16th 2019


It is the 10th time this year that we have been contacted by a prospective client that has me ENRAGED with the fitness industry…

..they where told that supplements are the key to their QUICK weight loss

The thing is, it’s true… (facepalm)

I don’t like admitting it, but if you eat like this for even a short period of time, you will lose weight

BUT… there is always a BUT

If you have been overweight for 15 years and commit to a quick fix solution, it is not going to undo all the issues that got you overweight in the first place…

Your mind is frazzled because the education out there is so conflicting and the trainers that push supplementation over education are the fucking problem.

In a study by finer (2001) about sustained weight loss, it was found that if you want a diet to work, you are more likely to succeed with a lifestyle and behaviour change.

Therefore, instead of looking for the trainer who advocates supplementation

Look for the trainer who is there for education…

It may be a longer process, but you will be ever thankful to that awesome trainer 🙂