eat cupcakes get slim…yeh right!

February 11th 2018


Just got an email, asking where is my evening email, you’re late..!

Ha ha…!, it is a bit of a late one today, Ive been working hard, just like you…

So then, I need to ask you a question…? How many of you have had a cupcake, Muffin or a croissant for breakfast and it said it’s ok, i’m going continental.

Ha ha… Do they really eat cupcakes for breakfast on the continent, where ever the hell that is..!! Listen up my little cupcake, STOP believing in BULLSHIT….No one who wants to be fit and healthy, eats cupcakes for breakfast.

Cup Cakes for breakfast….REALLY..?

A CUPCAKE or muffin, the same thing that also begs the question… how do we rid ourselves of the MUFFIN (just like a cake) TOP!?

Stop eating pastries and highly processed carbs for breakfast is a start.

BUT: The bro science brigade will let you think that sit ups is the answer… WRONG!

Many of us suffer the wrath of the MUFFIN TOP or BEER BELLY.

So, how do we stop the muffin top in its tracks??


Try This – To PREVENT the muffin top from progressing,

Try consuming more oily fish and eat a higher protein, lower carb diet…

…As well as eating additional meals with higher fibre to stabilise blood sugar.

This simple fix will help to reduce insulin to aid in weightloss.. (Reduce the Muffin top!)

Remember you still need carbs to fuel your workouts (try cycling them around your workouts.)

Top tip – Nutrition and weight training are the KING of fat loss tools! We can guide and help anyone who wants to get in shape, but not if you’re gonna eat cupcakes..! 😉

I am just waking up, so expect some grammatical errors…

Oh, and Please don’t email me back, telling me there is a spelling mistake, my eyes are stinging… 🙁

Sean Cole
​Training Director