Drop a dress size in 20 mins

July 28th 2019


The question we often get asked is, “how can I do it quicker”


There isn’t really a quick way to do anything, other than sex if you’re selfish 🙂


It got me thinking, what’s out there that makes people think that a quick fix is an option?


Then I was emailed this…


“Oh, My Bath!”


Yep a new FAD that promises to drop 1kg of water and 5cm from your waist in 20 mins


The thing is, it actually works, you will lose WATER weight


  • But so does sitting in a sauna and sweating


  • So does getting pissed and dehydrating your body


  • So does living in the desert


  • So does having hanky panky for more than your usual 2 minutes in the sack


At £19.99 it’s the biggest con, preying on the quick fix culture


Once you drink water or anything on a night out, you will put it straight back on


So unless you are making weight for a fight, then steer clear of this bullshit




Instead of being part of the cluster fucks who sell a quick fix, join me/us in the revolution of avoiding the money-making scams


Are you in?