Drink Beer And Lose Weight

August 27th 2018


Can you drink beer and lose weight/fat..? Yes kind off

So then, you have a body fat test, do your measurements etc and you have put on fat even thought you have been in the gym on a regular basis… why?

Because you eat like a child and drink like an 18 year old


..Instead of sugar coating the process of losing fat and getting in shape,  thought i would give you some cold hard facts…

In the industry at the moment, there are a lot of trainers spouting about losing weight even when you drink… and yes you can, sort of… 🙁

So, i thought i would give you some things to think about when you start supping beer or lower calorie options to stay in line with your calorie intake and maintain weight… as this is what some fitness gurus will tell you and lead you to believe..

Rule 1 – If you are in good shape already and have the odd drink, the calorie deficit thing, kinda works, as long as you don’t do it every weekend.

Rule 2 – If you are 1-2 (or over) stone overweight and drink every weekend, even if you are in a calorie deficit, you will struggle to lose body fat.


Your body simply can’t process your food when it is processing alcohol, so when you eat like a child after a weekend on the piss you will still be fat.

This also means that the slimming world save up our syns crew, who drink vino on the weekend bender is a load of shit and the reason your still chunky.

Now then, im not saying don’t drink, im saying think of your goals, 

if it is to maintain weight, enjoy a beer

If it is to lose fat, simply cut down

So then, next time you check out your measurements, etc i have another tip… 

Don’t blame others…

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