Don’t use the kids as an Excuse

February 12th 2017


I have a question for you..

I overheard a rather chunky bloke tell his mate that he is always busy in his business and has no time to work out or stay healthy..?

The kids and missus need him at home.

Let me tell you this.. “He’s not on his own.”

This is a common trait among HARD WORKING men and women.

Because they work hard, they tend to think it’s ok not to bother with being fit, even though the science tells us that the following applies:

  • You will be less productive in work and will work more hours than planned.
  • You will be cranky with everyone, especially close family.
  • You will gain weight and add more saggy bits
  • Your motivation will decrease over time.

Let’s say chunky bloke is right, the long days at work will pay the bills and the kids will have anything they want… won’t they..?

Or will they..? (NOPE)

So what are we gonna do about it..? And why are you like this..?

I get it your busy, which is why you have not time.

But, you’re not going to solve the problem by missing the gym and going home to spend more time with the kids.

Your belly will still sag and you will be in a coffin before their 18th birthday, which is not so great = Less time with the kids.

I’m not saying you are gonna die today if you don’t eat healthy and attend the gym. But you will be seeing the grim reaper sooner, rather than later.

So instead of waiting for a doctor’s appointment to talk about your fat gut, stinking farts and lack of motivation.

Simply turn the stats on their head and treat your sessions at the gym like you’re going to the doctors. Book your sessions like a doctors appointments that you can’t miss.

You wouldn’t miss the next big meeting that will earn you more dosh, would you..?

The fitter you are, the more productive you will be and the less likely you will die of obesity related diseases.
If you do it right, so many things will change for the better.

>>What will change..?

  • The grumpy arse you once where will leave like a dead spirit from your healthy body.
  • You will feel fitter, tighter and lighter.
  • You may even get more sexy time! (Missus/husband)

Solution – Give yourself 8 weeks at a gym with no less than 3 sessions per week (3 hours) eat well and drink water.

Note: There are 168 hours in a week

You can thank me later, when you see the simple formula that we use at SC Vital Fitness (3 x per week) has worked and you are a new person.

If you want to try our fitness formula for yourself, we also have a 4 week TRIAL RUN that will give you all the tools you need.

But only get in touch if you are serious about losing weight, toning up or getting strong… we don’t do tyre kickers..


Sean Cole
Training Director