Don’t read this if your strong

May 12th 2015


Personal trainer

So many lads/lasses out there
training for strength….in the wrong way.. :-/

Lots of people conducting 5 x 5 as their
staple for strength and wondering why
they aren’t getting any stronger..

…..when all they do is train heavy 1 x per week…?

Right then bro…(or sis)

Just because you squat, press and deadlift
and maybe use a 5 x 5 routine 1 x per week,

it doesn’t mean you are training strength… far from it..

It’s virtually the same as those idiots wearing
“TAPOUT” t-shirts, thinking they are MMA fighters

sooooooooo wrong…..!

Knowledge bomb inbound BOOOOOMM!

The body is a fantastic machine and will
gain strength at an incredible rate
as long as you push it to a point where..

…the hormonal change required for strength

and size gains is reached…

If you fail to push the body to a point where this
happens (different for everyone!) then you may 
as well conduct some circuit training with weights…

as this will give you the same effect….

On the other hand if you push it too far
it will also be crap for your gains or losses..

What routines can work ..?

A routine that can help the body push the
hormonal change required is the wendler 5-3-1

…as long as you don’t change it

.. just make sure you follow it to the letter
utilising assistance exercises, that work on..

..YOUR weaknesses ..

This programme definitely works, however be 
patient and let the process take you on a 

….journey of strength as it will take time…

We often programme the 5-3-1 programme 
for our guys & girls with great success….

However, the individual side of programming

the weaknesses is where the coaching comes into its own…

.. ensuring the assistance exercises are programmed

for that individual weakness, which in turn develops

some great strength, fat loss and performance gains..

..with our #gymfamily

We will always be here….

Sean (Strength athlete) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

i am brutally honest and love what i do.. HARD WORK..

P.s do you really want to be strong..?

P.p.s do you really want to burn fat..?

p.p.p.s do you really want to know how it all works..?

See you at the gym …. (See below)


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