Does your bum smell?

July 12th 2017


Before i go into the smelly bum thing, let’s take a look at our People of fitness page and the stories of how fitness has changed their lives…it’s pretty awesome..!


This just happened….

Sorry for the graphic words, but I was listening in on a conversation, where a women told her mate that the bottom fell out of her arse….she had the runs, the squits, the flock of sparrows, you get my drift…

Does this or has this happened to you..?

Does it mean there is something wrong..?

Are you one of these people who can fart and clear a room in5 seconds flat and also think that it’s funny to play the fart game on your kids heads….or is that just me..!? ha ha!

On a serious note, this can be a problem..

Smelly farts, runny poo, gut ache etc..

It is NOT your body’s way of letting you know how funny you are, it is YOUR body’s way of telling you that you are not eating the right food or drinking the right things, you are essentially making yourself stink.

Not so funny when you put it like that…is it..?

This is pretty common and can also be pretty embarrassing in the wrong situation and could leave you red faced and looking for the next EXIT.

So how can you stop it…?

TRY THIS: It’s carbs that make you stink….really..?

I’m not talking rice, pasta, potatoes etc….

I’m on about beer and wine….liquid carbs!! I’m sure the lady who was telling the world about her smelly farts, then proceeded to tell her mate about wine o clock…!

Research suggest that the carbs from the wine/Beer are mal-absorbed and are left to ferment in the body, which can cause the stinky poos and farts.

(“For me, my trigger was cider (love the stuff!)

It was my drink when I fancied a quick tipple, but recently it made me trump like a trooper….so I stopped before the missus killed me.”)

TOP TIP: Your body is clever, listen to it and how it reacts to certain foods and you will thank me later..


​Sean Cole
Training Director

P.S – Have you seen or are you reading our e-book..? the section on carbs, may give you an idea of what is right and wrong with your carb intake, check it out.. 🙂