Do you want to lose 7-10 pounds before xmas?

December 1st 2019


Do you want to lose 7-10 pounds by Christmas?

The thing is, I can give you an industry secret (it’s not a secret)…

…on how to lose at least 25 pounds or more by Christmas (scroll to the bottom for the top tip.)

I think I have heard this on about 6 occasions in the last 4 weeks at various coffee shops and supermarkets

The fitness industry is to blame

Yep, the industry I am passionate about spouts bullshit and sucks people into a quick fix


Money, not passion is their driver

Because of that, the comment “I need to lose x before Christmas and sheila in the hairdressers said she has something that can help”  is what comes out of the mouths of 2 x people

The first one is the person who has eaten like a nob for 10 months and then decides to get fit for the Christmas party, quickly!

The second one is the person who loses 25 pounds (or more) by spending it on a FAD diet before the party

Top tip:

Sheila at the hairdressers is not a nutritionist she is a money-grabbing scammer

Six-pack Pete (personal trainer) is not a nutritionist, he is a money-grabbing scammer

Your sister who has been scammed by sheila or Pete is not a nutritionist, they are also a money-grabbing scammer

There is no quick fix that can help you lose weight and keep it off

For those of you who scrolled to the bottom to find out what works quickly, do me a favour?

Don’t apply to come to SC Vital Fitness Personal Training, WE ARE NOT FOR YOU