Do fitness FADS really work?

August 16th 2018


Do fitness FADS work? In a short answer YES…

Oh my god, what is he saying, he likes fitness FADS!

Hold on a minute, let me explain a little more…

These are the FADS that really work….YES i said they work! 

Slendertone – The belt that promises a 6 pack

Shake weight – Promises to shake you slim

Modius – Uses brain wave technology to supress cravings

Skinny Sprinkes – Sprinkle on your food to swell your tummy and give you that full feeling
(save your money, eat cotton wool….sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

Skinny lollies – are you kidding me!! But yep, they make the list.

Skinny Tea – aaaaarrrgggghhhh

Skinny Coffee – even bigger aaarrrrgghhhhhh

>> So then, all of these claim to have properties that enable you to lose weight…. TRUE..

But then…

Read the small print – READ IT

All products will only work as part of a calorie controlled diet and drinking at least 2-3 litres of water per day.

So here lies the truth, “AS PART OF A CALORIE CONTROLLED DIET”

Basically none of them work and the way you lose weight is by being in a calorie deficit


The rest is up to you, we could carry on believing the hype marketing and bullshit that surrounds social media, or we can eat a little less and save a lot of hassle

You decide…

Sean Cole
Training Director