Debunking BAD online fitness advice

April 10th 2019


Online you see a myriad of BAD fitness tips and WRONG advice

๐Ÿ˜ขThe thing is, you don’t exactly know how to separate the bro advice from the real fitness tips that are going to give you your best bang for buck fat loss or strength gain.๐Ÿ˜ข

How the hell do you choose who or what to follow, when a lot of celebs or celeb trainers are promoting supplements or workouts to line their own pockets..

…usually preying on those who are desperate, or those who are after a quick fix (also desperate!) and those who who have no clue what is right and wrong!?

๐Ÿ‘ŠIt goes a little bit like this


A friend who has been sucked in, usually persuades you that it’s a good idea and chloe from the hairdressers really knows what is best for you, because her sister karen, has lost loads of weight on (replace this with any FAD).

So you are obviously dubious and at first turn it down.

Then chloe gets karen to send you a video, picture of a celeb or manufactured bogus science claims.

“Just watch this and then let us know what you think”

You get sucked in, you spend money, lose weight (yes it works!) #caloriedeficit

You are then the next sucker and get asked (persuaded) to suck in your friends ”#itsnotapyramind

After a few months you realise that you need to get back to normality…

…you ask karen, she has no clue what to say or how you can do it.

“keep spending money, it’s based on science and (insert any Z list celeb name here) is doing it!”


My advice is to stop listening to the non-qualified Bro’s and Hoe’s..

My advice is to stop looking for a Quick fix.

My advice is to tell Chloe and Karen to stick their super shakes where the sun don’t shine.

My advice is to get a trainer.

If you have any questions, let me know


Sean Cole

Training Director