CV is for Pussies!!

April 10th 2015


Recently in the fitness industry,
there are so many Coaches, Trainers, PT’s etc
that will lead you to believe that strength training
is the only way to burn fat and get results..

>>It is more of a fashion statement and not always true<<

Therefore they often neglect CV when it comes to 
YOUR performance gains or losses..
As you know we at SC Vital Fitness are massive 
believers in strength and its benefits for fat loss
and increased fitness levels…

however, if YOU play sport or want to excel in
YOUR fitness goal…

It would be wise to put CV training at certain times
in YOUR routine…..
If you periodise effectively, follow a routine and
record it, you will see YOUR levels increase…
… and prove those wrong who think you can’t be strong and fit…


The video at the link explains it in more depth,
if you programme correctly you can really dominate 
and smash it….!
****Have a look at this video explaining it in more depth****

Sean (Not a pussy!) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

I want in…!

We are the only TRUE S & C Facility in PORTSMOUTH
and we pride ourselves by having the only accredited
S&C Coaches in the area…

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We are not the CHEAPEST, however we are the best at what we do…

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