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COVID19 Update

May 3rd 2020



The last couple of months has been something beyond our control and the overwhelming support from the community of SC Vital Fitness has been unreal and I can’t thank those that have trusted us with their ongoing training/sanity enough.

Yet, in these tough times, the question we can ask ourselves is “how are we going to react and deal with the next few weeks?”

For us, it should be all about positivity (i know, it seems like a cliche #facepalm) however, the core values of SC Vital Fitness have driven home how to understand what we need to do and what can make us all get through the next few weeks.

Looking at those core values and placing your belief in them, will ensure the four walls of SC will open and we (yep that means you too) will come back stronger for it.

Stay Humble
Believe in the Process
Have a Voice
Make Things Happen

The goal, right from the beginning of lockdown, was to ensure that we honoured those values.

In a relatively short period, we’ve made things happen and worked round the clock and managed to move our entire membership online so it can be accessed with a full suite of content from SC Vital Fitness.

I can also appreciate the technophobes out there, who have been awesome at adapting to this new style of training and I will endeavour to keep you updated by any means possible and to help in any way I can.

The support and engagement for each other (coaches/members) over social media, with texts, calls etc from this community has been unreal. From the private chats to 1-to-1 video calls, this has been nothing short of inspiring. Throw in the solidarity and more often than not, some serious hilarity (#shitworkoutkitfriday), I would challenge any other gym in the UK to try and outshine this community we’ve built!

So, what happens next?

The number 1 thing is that you “have a voice” and offer us feedback, we will listen and continue to do what’s working right now whilst still building more structure and plans for what you want/need most when we open.

At our end, we’ll keep filling our weekly schedule so you can keep yourself and your families fit, healthy and motivated from home.

However, in the background, I’ve already established a plan of action — a ‘3 step plan’ to reopening the gym.

Our ‘3 Step Plan ‘ is split into important stages.

It’s essential to understand that we can’t be time-specific here due to lack of Government timelines, but that won’t stop us from having a series of milestones to keep our members in the loop.

We’re NOT going to make changes to the gym (nobody likes change!), we are going to build a NEW SCVF 2.0. This will happen roughly three weeks before the doors open. It’s not business as normal… but a new normal.

We are repainting the gym
We are reflooring all sanitary areas
We are having a complete facility sanitisation of the gym and all of its equipment.
We are providing more equipment to ensure no workout kit is shared in your sessions

Here are just a few of the other “new normal” things that we’ll be making to keep you safe in the facility when you return:-

Sanitiser stations containing alcohol rub, blue roll and spray disinfectant for every working gym pod.
More equipment and clever programming, so there is no need to share equipment in sessions.
We are introducing even stricter guidelines for our cleaning procedures to make sure the gym has never been so spotless.
Maintaining social-distancing with dedicated pod zones to ensure everyone feels safe (while still getting in a fantastic workout with the motivation and support of fellow members!)
Electrostatic spray disinfection x 1 per day.

When we receive the green light from the Government, we will reopen the doors to all of our members. However, if requested our Livestream workouts, group PT, Zoom calls and Trainers Q&A’s will all CONTINUE online — live from the facility where we will be investing in some new technology — creating an even better experience for those who need to stay at home.

We must cater to everyone during this time, in particular in the few months following reopening. We understand that not everyone will feel comfortable returning to the way things were before, so it’s very much our intention to keep our online content fresh and available to all our existing members if requested.

Additionally, we will look to run boot camps and outdoor sessions — with plenty of space and fresh air to do so safely!

I can imagine there won’t be many businesses out there talking about long term plans — SC Vital Fitness will have to be the exception.

We believe in the process and have tremendous ambition for the future!

7 years ago, I had a vision for what I envisaged SC Vital Fitness would become and I massively underestimated and am humbled at how passionate and motivated our membership currently is.

Before all this, I had already started to plan what SCVF 2.0 would look like. I’m incredibly happy to report that plans are still moving along, albeit at a slower pace.

What does this mean for our members? How about some of these extra benefits:

More offerings, more space to work with and even more class types to choose from
More coaching – from additional 1 to 1 offerings to more specialised subject seminars
More content – we’re taking a jump to supply or own internal community app, so people can join in from anywhere and from any device in the world and feel like they are home, with SC Vital Fitness.

And that’s just a snippet of the long term pathway we are laying for the future.

It’s exciting to have something to aim for, but I would like to take this opportunity to say a very heartfelt thank you to all the members and my team who have helped create what we can be proud of TODAY.

We will not be taking our eye off the ball that’s in front of us. I have a fantastic team around me and together we know what direction we need to take, but there is no doubt where our priorities lay right now, and that’s seeing our members out the other side of lockdown first and then, the rest of the path will follow.

Little by Little.
We’ve got this team.

Sean Cole
SC Vital Fitness