COVID update

June 14th 2020


Coronavirus Update SC Vital Fitness Personal Training – Sunday 14th June 2020

At SC Vital Fitness we have been following the guidelines to the letter and have also signed up to UK Active’s “Fit Together Campaign”

This ensures that we will follow the minimum guidelines set by UK active who have liaised with the UK government throughout COVID19.

We will do this by using the UK active reopening framework for operating a fitness or leisure facility following closure as a result of COVID19.

By adhering to this we will then be able to display the ‘Approved Safety Plan in Place’ signage throughout our facility, with UK active’s approval.

We also understand in doing so that this puts responsibility for adherence in maintaining the standards and measures outlined in the framework, to protect our staff and facility users, on ourselves.

All assets are aligned to the UK active re-opening framework, supported by Government and in line with overall Government regulations.

Sean Cole
SC Vital Fitness Personal Training