COVID – June Update

June 1st 2020


June is here, and the new government guidelines state that we will be able to safely train in small groups (Up to 5) outside the gym if we follow social distancing guidelines which we obviously will, this includes adequate spacing and no sharing of equipment. We think this is great news, and expect a lot of you will too, so we are going to be adding Outdoor Small Group Personal Training to our schedule, however, team training sessions will still have to remain online.

IIn line with these new guidelines, and the changes we will be making inside the gym, we have put new memberships in place going forward that requires us to prioritise personal training. We will be sending another email to confirm your Personal Training memberships midweek, and to all those that supported the gym through this tough period,  we would like to offer the personal training memberships at a reduced rate to say thank you. You will need to confirm your membership choice in the next email.

Could you please take note of the new Terms and Conditions that have been put in place for yours and the staff’s safety and please pay particular attention to the highlighted areas.

In order to deliver sessions at the gym, and in order to start getting the gym ready to reopen, we have to request that any kit borrowed from the gym over the last few weeks is returned Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this week.  The gym will be open all day on Tue/Thu from 0900-1600 and Weds from 0945-1100.

We are all still positive that this reset to the normal everyday life is something that will bring about a new style of training experience and SC Vital Fitness will be at the forefront of this, which of course benefits all of our awesome members, starting with Small Group PT outside.

So what else is happening for the month of June?

We will still continue to adhere to the government guidelines whilst providing you legends with what you need/want in these uncertain times.

Our plan is to open fully, but only when it is safe to do so, whilst being advised by the government’s guidelines, the feelings of the coaches, and the feelings of you (the members). Early indications point to the start of July and that is our planned date for making the gym safe and ready for your return.

The new SCVF 2.0 will obviously be a little bit different, and we have been making positive changes behind the scenes, this includes:

  • We have designed and built our own APP that will hold everything you could ever need to progress at home or in the gym
  • All sanitary and social areas have been redeveloped to adhere to social distancing.
  • The gym space and program have been redeveloped to adhere to social distancing, whilst still providing you with awesome workouts.
  • Completed 8 x new risk assessments to ensure we/you are covered in every aspect of your training.
  • New insurance cover and new gym rules that fall in line with the current situation and our core values.

We have built a new SCVF and It’s not business as normal… but a new normal.


  • We have repainted the gym in wipeable paint, allowing us to maintain higher standards of hygiene.
  • We have renovated the bathrooms and showers.
  • We have fully sanitised the gym and will do this with all of its equipment upon return.
  • We have purchased more equipment to ensure no workout kit is shared in your sessions.
  • Added sanitiser stations containing alcohol rub, blue roll and spray disinfectant for every working gym pod.
  • We are introducing new gym rules and Terms and Conditions – (Please Read – Important)
  • A new hybrid program containing online Zoom sessions.

So, what happens next?

It is important for you to “have a voice” and offer us feedback, we will continue to listen/plan for what you want/need most now and when we open, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any feedback or questions.

When we receive the green light from the Government, we will fully reopen the doors to all of our members and as requested our Livestream workouts, group PT, Zoom calls and Trainers Q&A’s will all CONTINUE online for those who continue as members — live from the facility where the investment in new technology has enabled us to create an even better experience for those who need to stay at home.

And that’s just a snippet of the pathway we are laying for the present.

Stay Strong, Stay Safe,

We’ve got this

Sean & the SCVF Team