cheat meals, good or bad?

August 8th 2017


Who does it…? 

How many of you eat crap and say, I’m just having a cheat meal..? 
or I’m having a treat and i deserve this chocolate cake because i worked out..?
Me, that’s who…!

I’m not gonna let you read this and think that I never have a treat or succumb to eating crap…but, I’ve figured out why i crave the crap..

This is for you guys/girls, so you get an insight into what is going on with the body and why you crave, sugary, crap foods…
The problem, usually stems from under eating

You think to yourself, I’m being good, I’ve eaten veg/salads and meat for every meal

I’ve cut out the carbs, so i’m gonna lose weight

Here is the problem…

You have cut out one of your major food groups – carbs

Carbs are sugar and they fuel the body, so if you eliminate carbs from your diet, your body will crave sugar (carbs)

So the first thing you will do, is head to the biscuit tin or that cheeky little cake you have with the costa coffee.

You blame the kids or the missus, for eating the sugary cake, because they had one too…

Listen up…

If you eat the right amount of good quality carbs (sugars) in your diet, at the right times (usually post workout)

You will succeed in your fat loss journey..

if you don’t you will eat too much and get fat…simples..

Don’t let the cravings get in your way – Unless your pregnant.. 😉

So the 30 Day Experience is running out of space, do you want in..?

On Friday, ill let you know the big secret about protein and why you need more than the doctor tells you…

The subject line will be: “Protein – is it for muscle gain or fat loss?”


Talk soon,
Sean Cole

P.S. Here is that link again, 3 spaces left for this month …