Can cupcakes make you big and bulky…?(and other training tips)

July 23rd 2017


So today (Sunday), I heard a clanger…

For those of you who don’t know, I listen to everything when I am out and I love a bit of people watching… (Who doesn’t…!!??)

I listen, because I want to find out what you guys/girls have been told or still believe to be true about putting on muscle or losing stubborn body fat.

Then I heard this:

Person A – “I’ve started at the gym just so I can lose some fat, but I don’t want to be big and bulky, just toned and lean…so im staying away from the weights and will be running and doing a bit of cross trainer…”

I had to bite my tongue…..NO No NO No NO No…!

Person A – “I had a great session today, so I’m gonna treat myself to this cupcake.”

At this point my blood is boiling, (You are not a dog, you don’t have treats..!)

Anyhoo…I kept listening.

Person B – “I wouldn’t have that cupcake, especially after exercise, carbs are bad for you…”

Person A – “What should I have..?”

Person B – “Just a protein shake, that is what my BRO says…”


I couldn’t listen to much more, so I decided to leave, write this and give you some facts:

  • Medium weights, Short rest periods: Induce Hypertrophy and promote fat loss
  • Heavy weights, Longer rest periods: Induce Hypertrophy, promote fat loss and increase strength
  • CV Only: Gets you fit, and without the correct nutrition can cause muscle breakdown.
  • Carbs: Are good, they promote recovery and make you train harder, therefore you burn more fat, so, eat carbs.
  • Protein: Is good, it can help the immune system and muscle building when in conjunction with…yep, you guessed it carbs…!

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Ok, I’m off to eat my Sunday din dins…

Wish me luck, Holly has burnt the pudding… 🙁

Sean Cole
Training Director