​Breakfast – secret tips.

April 26th 2017


Do you eat ice cream for breakfast..?
Do you eat chocolate cake for breakfast..?
Do you drink strawberry fruity things for breakfast..?
Kinda sounds absurd, doesnt it..?
Why would anyone eat any of that for breakfast..?
You see the thing is, some people feel they need this in their life in the form of a diet shake…different sweet flavours to satisfy a sweet tooth…(a habit/drug!)

“OOOhhhh it taste like ice cream has all the nutrition you need, so it must be good for you”… FUCK OFF..!

Listen up – If you have a problem with eating real nutritious food for breakfast and feel that a an ice cream tasting diet shake is the way forward… you need to grow up..
What do I mean?
They have flavoured toothpaste for kids, especially when they start brushing their teeth and i completely understand the need for this as it is so hard to get kids to do anything, they are kids..!

This kid has to learn to brush their teeth, so a strong minty toothpaste can put them off for life.

But, unlike you, they are not a grown up and they are trying to learn what is good and what is bad…so what excuse is there, if you are an adult, a grown up…someone who makes decisions..?

There isn’t one, you just need to stop being the snotty kid who doesn’t like water, doesn’t like real food, or someone who turns their nose up at any suggestion of eating vegetables.

I hope this makes sense and you get my meaning, basically In order to lose FAT, you need to fucking grow up…



Sean Cole
Training Director

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