Stick Your Muffin top up your arse..!

March 31st 2015


Some people are just prudes!! ha ha!!
Someone has asked to unsubscribe, why??

They didn’t like me using the words:

**”As Common as a budgie with a small penis!”**

Listen up CUPCAKE, i already stated i use profanity’s, love
the honesty of a swear word and hate BULLSHIT….
If the odd Budgies penis remark is enough to stop you gleaning
some top quality information of a STRENGTH COACH

i’m happy to let you go…..


Talking about CUPCAKES, how do we rid ourselves of the MUFFIN TOP!?
The  bro science brigade will let you think that sit ups is the answer… WRONG!
Many of us suffer the wrath of the MUFFIN TOP….. 
How do we stop the muffin top in its tracks??


Try This – To PREVENT  the muffin top from progressing, it’s advisable
to consume more oily fish and eat a higher protein, lower carb diet..

As well as eating additional meals with higher fibre to stabilise blood sugar..

**This simple fix will help to reduce insulin to aid in weightloss..**(Reduce the Muffin top!)

Remember you still need carbs to fuel your workouts
(try cycling them around your workouts..)
Remember – Nutrition and weight training are the KING of fat loss tools….!

Sean (Love a Rant) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

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S&C Coaches in the area…

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