Be wary of the strong old man.

October 19th 2016



Some thing popped into my head this afternoon..

Why is the average age of the clients at
SC Vital Fitness 35+..? 

What are the older generation doing in this gym and why are
they so strong..?

The thing is we all perceive that most gyms are full of
young bucks, strutting around like peacocks… (or just like cocks..!)
with mahoosive amounts of strength.

We know something different… 

We have found that during our 3 years as a succesful
gym that the older (middle aged) generation are strong,
most are even stronger than the young whipper snappers
that frequent the pure gyms and other 24 hour establishments.


These guys/girls listen… yep that’s right…

They don’t just listen to their mate or the stringer vest
wearing BRO in the gym..

They listen to the coaches and work bloody hard,
there is no BS, no texting whilst working out, just
hard work and an open mind to progress.

Then this happened..

A study popped up during some research where
the study compared grip and pinch strength in 237
lads aged 20–34 against norms established in a 1985 study.

Strength scores were inferior to 30 years ago for all
study groups. (The older generation where stronger..!)

Modern day men (Stringer vest wearing lads)
where able to apply 98 pounds of force ​with the right hand,
whereas their counterparts in 1985 generated an average
of 117 pounds of grip force.

So, why are younger adults losing their grip?

There Work and leisure patterns have changed
dramatically since 1985 when the original norms
were established, lads/lasses born after 1980
reported a frequent usage of technology in work,
play and leisure activities, which appears to have
had an impact on their grip.

Which then correlates to weakness in the modern
day youngman

TOP TIP: –  strutting around in the gym in a stringer vest,
just doesn’t cut it..


Sean Cole
Training Director