Are you stressed..?

December 12th 2016


Stress produces hormonal changes enabling the body to perform better quickly to deal with the stress, the fight or flight response.

However, chronic stress, from poor nutrition and sleep habits, negative relationships, hectic work schedules, or overtraining all lead to constant hormonal changes that have a negative effect on the body, such as – body tightness, high blood pressure, no training gains (other than round the middle), and general laziness.

Whilst balancing a full time degree, a full time job, a complete house renovation, on top of rehabbing a knee injury i sometimes get STRESSED!

Sure I have the odd moment when I’m not as nice as I should be to the people I really care about, which all comes down to recovery and coping mechanisms. After all stress only becomes a bad thing when we don’t sufficiently recover from it. So, here’s how I do it.

  • Make a to-do list – The only thing that eases my worries better than getting them down on to paper, is crossing them off. Prioritise the urgent ones, or get some done that require little effort for some instant gratification.
  • Get outside – Find the time to get outside in mother nature for a bit, take a dog or 3, or a child (well behaved one), or a loved one (well behaved one), ditch the phone and enjoy the outside, getting away from the stress is a great way to forget about it for a little bit, and return with a fresh outlook.
  • Get to sleep – No way to recover harder than catching some zzz’s, get in a cool dark room, turn off the telly, turn off your phone, and get some quality dream time, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle what the day throws at you.
  • Get some light at the end of the tunnel – Start the steps to change career if you hate it, book a holiday or tickets to your favourite band. Get something to look forward to.
  • Organise your time better – Spend less time procrastinating, or doing things that aren’t bringing positivity to your life. Looking through social media for hours isn’t going to help get rid of those things causing you stress, so spend less time doing it. Watching 5 hours of Walking Dead is not going to solve anything, is it?

This is how I am able to not break down into tears each time something doesn’t quite go to plan, which makes the stress levels more manageable.

TOP TIP: Adding more stress by going on a ‘diet’ or starting an intensive new exercise programme should not even be contemplated.

You all know what’s stressing you out, so why not do something about it to ensure you are recovering from it as this can be what separates those that excel with stress, and those that crumble underneath it.


Chris Bundell
​SC Vital Fitness