Are you still in your comfort zone?

April 18th 2017


Are you a squirrel..?

You ask for advice but it’s not what you want to hear, so you go to someone else and keep moving from programme to programme. (Like a squirrel from NUT to NUT)

This goes on until you find one that keeps you in your comfort zone, but you still aren’t happy and the fat is still around your mid-section…sound familiar..?

This is what a squirrel does as it looks for that nut, the special nut that will be the best nut in the park…until it finds another nut.
**Hence the word NUTCASE.
This is all down to having a fixed mindset (nutcase) and a persona that is not open to change…

…because of this you will be forever doomed to staying FAT/unfit and failure, im sorry but the truth hurts.

Every now and again it is good to go out of your comfort zone and ask for help…(by reading this email/blog you have made the first step.)

I’m not saying that you will find the right way to do things straight away, but when you ask for help, you must stick with it.

Question it by all means, but you must also be READY FOR CHANGE..

TOP TIP: Asking for help, does not make you weak, it makes you the strongest person with the smallest EGO and humility will get you further than a pack of donughts.

To conclude there are 3 choices:

1.       Stick with what you are doing.
2.       Get in touch with Portsmouth’s leading Personal Training Facility 
3.       Turn into a nutcase.

You decide.

Do you want to stop chasing nuts, come and experience our  Trial Run, it’s the best thing since sliced bread or nuts..?


Sean Cole
Training Director

P.s – The road to fitness is hard and will always be full of trial and errors, that is why we offer our Trial Run, it will change your thoughts and could even change your world.