Are YOU scared.

April 30th 2015



What a weekend we have had.. awesome is to small 
a word..

On Sunday, i went out with Hotlips (aka the missus)
to watch the new avengers movie and it was epic….!

I was in awe at how they worked together as a team
with a common enemy that nearly broke them… FEAR..

The fear of failure, the fear of some big robot
guy dominating and destroying the earth… (ultron..)


Why do we show fear..?

What makes us not want to put our bodies
on the line, when it comes to hard graft in the gym..?
(What are we scared of..?)

Why do we think that everyone is watching us
when we workout and feel intimidated..?

Why do we care so much what people think?



Believe it or not fear is good..

the space between comfort and panic is the

place where we learn the most about ourselves

this place is how we evolve and train to put our bodies

through the right amount of work for change..

if you don’t work hard, just like the avengers

you wont be able to change, your body or

stop Ultron from destroying the planet…..

Don’t be scared cupcake, just put yourself
out there and and train like you want to change..

if you dont, you should be afraid as ULTRON will

kick YOUR arse..!

This totally reminded me of some of the people

on PB day,setting great PB’s after fulfilling
their coaching programmes in a consistent manner

they didn’t show fear, they smashed it…!

Sean (Brutally honest) Cole (AKA Fitness Dad)

P.S… Here are the guys smashing it on PB day​

If you want results, you know how….


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