are you scared of the gym?

April 24th 2017


This comes up on a regular basis with a lot of people I meet, especially when they know that I own a Personal Training Gym.

>>With comments like this..

“You wouldn’t catch me at a gym, it’s too intimidating..”

“There are far to many posers in gyms, it makes me feel uncomfortable..”

“I don’t know what to do, so i stay clear of the weights area..”

I know what you are thinking..?
>>The gym for most is a place where people stare and take the piss..

>>The gym for most people is boring mundane and full of posers…

US – We are no ordinary gym, but our clients are ordinary people..

Let me tell you more…

We ran our Spring games on Saturday and invited all members, most of which had never been put in that situation. Here is what they had to say after being part of this facility and making their goals a reality..

Lucy – “Thanks for a great day today. After feeling quite anxious about what I’d signed myself up for, I’m so glad I took part! The words of encouragement was amazing..”

AmberI’m glad I did because it was great, thanks for all the support of others shouting and showing me that they care with words of encouragement.”

PeterWell – what shall I say ? Since I’ve joined in Oct last year, my wife joined a week later and within one month my two older gilrs joined in – I’ve never looked back – great for mums for dads for kids for families – can’t fault it – looks bit pricey to start with but definitely you get the great value for your money – can’t recomend enough”

My thoughts:

The time of the globo intimidating gym, that has no atmosphere and is full of meatheads are on their way out..

The training gym that offers Personal Training to selected members who want to achieve FAT LOSS, STRENGTH GAIN or CONFIDENCE…are the future…

As a bonus to joining a community inspired gym that offers support and fun all in one package, you will lose weight, you will gain strength and your old habits will be just that… OLD..

So what are you waiting for..?


Sean Cole
Training Director

P.S – There isn’t a PS today, just words of encouragement, if you find the right personal trainer and gym, your goals will be set for life..