Are you kidding me..?

June 12th 2017


How after years of trying, can you not park a car..?

I was sat having a quick cuppa in costa (not my favourite) with hotlips (aka Holly) and couldn’t believe my eyes at the amount of people who couldn’t park cars..

WTF is going on; you have been driving for years and still can’t park…

One guy parked and instead of straightening up, he decided to get out of the other side of his car and crawled over both front seats…ha ha!

It got me thinking about us (yes you and me) and how we have been doing lots of things for years and still fuck it up…

Eating…Yep we all seem to be getting this wrong on a regular basis and claim that we don’t know what to eat..

That is bullshit, we all know what is right, just like the guy who knew if he straightened up he would be able to get out of the right side of his car..

If you stuff yourself with pizza, chocolate, wine every night and think it’s ok, you defo need help….but I bet you all know that is wrong…don’t you..?

What I’m trying to say is, “Stop making excuses….”

>>Try this…<<

1/2 plate of any veg
2 x fist size of protein (1 x for women)
2 x Cupped hand of carbs (1 x for women)

Top Tip: Do this 3 x per day and cut out the shit excuses and you won’t go far wrong


Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Trai
ning Gym

P.S – The confusing world of fitness can be hard to decipher, if you have any questions and are ready for change, give me a shout and ill answer straight back 🙂