are you always injured?

July 10th 2017


I overheard an older guy in the supermarket telling his mate that he can’t get to the gym, because he is always injured, …. it could either be from lifestyle or from working out itself.

Not only has it stopped him working out, he seemed to be a bit down in the dumps..

I know that if this happens, for some of you it can make you feel pissed off, which in turn can lead to the odd bit of comfort eating.

I get it, like the guy in the supermarket you feel like giving up and succumbing to a diet of pizza, beer and takeaways.

You get better and then the same thing happens again…aaaarrrrgggghhhhh..!
So what you gonna do about it..?

THIS – You need to become more explosive..!!

I know what you are thinking, i’m too old for that shit and my body won’t be able to take it.

Think of it like this, you need to stiffen up your tendons and ligaments (not your penis) to prevent further injury…..So then, in order to do this, you need to become more explosive.

A great article by Wilson and Flanagan on jump training, determined that the athlete with the quickest response (the most explosive) will usually have stiffer tendons, which should therefore prevent injury….BOOM..!

TOP TIP: Find the right Trainer, in the right gym and conduct a considerable amount of gym strength workouts along with plyometrics (bouncy stuff) in your programme and this will ensure that you stay injury free.

As bonus, if you do this, you will also lose weight, get strong and stay out of the tuck shop..!


​Sean Cole
Training Director
SC Vital Fitness

P.S – Plyometric Training is best in a controlled environment with a Trainer/Coach, please be careful it you are embarking on this on your own, if you have any questions, fire me an email.