February 5th 2017


**Imagine a mountain full of gold, sounds great, doesn’t it?

Around the bottom of the mountain of gold are lots of little shops selling pans. These people are shit hot at marketing their product. They are also awesome at selling pans.

The gold diggers lap it up and buy the pans.

They listen to the sales pitch given on why these pans are the best pans, where the best places to pan for gold are, how great it is up the mountain. But its only good up the mountain with this sellers particular pan.

**The thing is, none of these pan sellers have ever been up to the mountain. They don’t know about the gold or where is best to find it.

So the gold diggers keep trying different pan sellers, spending more money and forever searching for the right pan.

**TOP TIP: If you are thinking of looking for some golden nugget, here’s a tip.

Why not look for the pan seller who didn’t get rich from selling the pans and look for the one who got rich going up the mountain.

Now you have finished and understood my ramblings, im thinking that it will make you think twice before investing in your health/wealth.

Quick fixes from false claims, DON’T work,

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