Are you a fridge or an oven?

August 17th 2017


Millions of years ago, humans would do something called hibernate.  This would involve us packing on as much body fat as possible, in as short amount of time – in order to see us through the long, cold, dark winters.
The process was simple and effective.
Step one – Move around at a very slow lazy pace. Expel as little energy as possible. Hunch over and scrape our feet along the floor, barely flexing at the hip.
Step two – Consume highly calorific foods, in an unstructured, completely care free way.  If you see it – eat it.
Step three – Avoid at all costs physically demanding tasks.  Prioritise relaxing and chilling out , as to not expend unwanted energy.
Step four – Surround themselves with others doing the same thing, having the same mentality as too not lead us astray from our task.  Gain weight!
Any of this sound familiar? …
The harsh reality is that although millions of years have gone by, society hasn’t advanced a great deal!
Technology may have sure, however this has all lead us to expending as little energy as possible, being tempted into a highly calorific diet, whilst maintaining appalling posture, due to staring at screens and car brake lights all day.
So, if we don’t want to store our food (like a FRIDGE), how can we become fat burning, muscle building OVENS?
The more skeletal muscle mass we have , the higher our core temperature, the better we move and the stronger we feel. 
The harder we push ourselves through training and exercise, the fitter we become.
Intensity doesn’t mean smash the crap out of yourself 7 days a week until you feel sick.  Intensity means believe in your movement, be confident in your training regime and believe in the process.
If you’re keen to get of our societies rut and get moving well again, get in contact and come see what all the hype is about. 


Coach Sam
SC Vital Fitness

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