Are they lying to you..?

August 18th 2016



The olympics are pretty awesome, ….you get to
see the real person behind the fit strong athlete.

The person that tells you it hasn’t been easy

The athlete that says thanks to all of those who
have put up with their mood swings and rants.

None of the athletes have said it has been an easy ride
to get to the olympics and win at the biggest show
​on earth, in fact, they will all tell you that it is hard work.

About me…

The real me will tell you how tough it has been
to start a business, compete in sport and have a 
family life..

Ive struggled seeing my son (he lives away),

Ive struggled taking time away from work,
it has not always been great.

My workouts have been poor at times.

That is real and that is me..

That brings me to fakebook (facebook), where
so many people seem to have the ideal life.

They have it all and don’t seem to be scared of anything.

They use the gym, they eat clean food and never seem to have
any problems.

Work is good, family life is amazing and they have lots
of money to burn.

The question i always ask, is this the real them…?

Let me give you an idea of what goes on in the fake
world of fakebook..

They are just like you..

They have problems

They get pissed off

The pictures they put up aren’t always
what they seem.

I don’t think anyone anyone will put a picture up
of them having an argument or sat
worrying about what comes next…. will they..?

I don’t think anyone will let you know what goes
on behind closed doors.

I don’t think anyone will let you know that it
isnt perfect in their dreamworld


I don’t have the answer, but just remember you 
​are not on your own..


Sean Cole
​Head Coach