A hard life, leads to an early grave, is this you?

April 10th 2017


We always say we dont have time…

Time for what…? our kids, our partner, our work etc..

No time for the gym and i get it, the gym can be hard work, especially if you work hard to put food on the kids table and give you a better quality of life….

My question is, how good is that quality of life, when you have become so inactive, that you lead yourself into an early grave…?..>>Harsh but true..

All from this:

  • The stress of working hard
  • The stress of eating crap food and expecting results
  • The stress of feeling like crap all the time, because you eat crap
  • The stress of life in general

>>This all gets you down and can lead you to an early grave..
“Listen up…I get it…Most people think that because i am into fitness, that i never suffer like them and i never find things hard……yeh right…!”

I have been at the rough end of stress a few years ago.

The Navy told me that i would be signed on for another 5 years, full pay, then 1 year before i signed, they pulled the offer..

To some of you this may not seem too bad, but remember i was in that same job for 23 years, security, money, holidays and a pretty good life.

Lucky for me (i still think you make your own luck) i set out to start a business and it flourished…how..?

Support Network…
The support from family and true friends was unwavering and made me the man and business owner i am today.

The thing is, this applies in all situations, but especially in a fitness journey..

**Let me explain**

If you have the support of family, friends, a good personal trainer and some drive…. your goals will be smashed..

So then, are you ready to take a leap of faith and get some support..?

Do you want some support or some tools that can help you get the support? If so, then its time to come and  experience our 30 Day Experience it’s a game changer.


Sean Cole
Training Director, SC Vital Fitness
Portsmouth’s Leading Personal Trai
ning Gym

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