a coaches fat loss journey

August 6th 2017


“Rome wasn’t built in a day but has lasted thousands of years.”
So you want results and you want them fast?……
Your right everyone, even me wants things to happen and stay permanently, that’s just the way we are.
So for this to happen some of you have tried a magic pill, went to the gym for one week even one month and cut some food out your diet and within in a few days you are hoping to wake up, walk into the bathroom and see that you are a cover model for men’s/women’s health.
SHOCK – Nope it doesn’t come this easy. If it did it won’t last. 
I know what you’re thinking Personal Trainers are born like this, zero stress, fit and strong, well listen up…
This is a little bit about me.
Back in 2005 I decided I wanted to join the Army, was overweight couldn’t run 800m let alone 1.5mile and a push up felt more like a face plant. 

I changed my life… how..?
I woke up every day at 6am to go running before school, I had to work hard and in 2008 I achieved my dream and joined the Army. 
In that time, I loved to run and set the goal to run a marathon in and ran a pretty respectable time of 3hrs 43mins, but I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted to beat that time and went again in 2012…..

With 365 days of training I did with 3hrs 40mins!


​This is when I decided to switch my focus, in 2014 I entered my first CrossFit competition finishing 2nd to a Regional Athlete which gave me a glimmer of hope that I could go up against the big dogs.

A week later I set the goal to become a Regional Athlete which means Top 30 in Europe. I continue to compete yet still now 4 years later I’m 162 places out.
What does this mean..?

Nothing is easy, but if you train hard, eat right and stay consistent, who knows what could happen…?
One important thing, is to make sure it is something you want, because the investment can be an arduous one….. but remember who you’re doing it for it’s your journey no one else’s.

Coach Daryl
SC Vital Fitness