8 reasons to get rid of your trainer 

August 25th 2016



​Today i had the afternoon of work, so i took the missus
for a little bite to eat in Emsworth.

Whilst there, we met stompy..

Who is stompy..? “I hear you say”

Well stompy is a nickname we have given to
the woman we often see who loves to be in control
and can’t accept anything that just isn’t her way.

if it doesn’t go her way, she stomps around like
a petulant child muttering to her self… (mental!)

This is how she rolls….

She sits down at a large table and puts her
clothes/bags on the other chairs, so know one
will sit with her, or near her….

Everything is set out the same and has to be the
way she says and she will not take anything
that makes her life change..

(Stompy doesn’t seem to like change…)

She is that determined and set in her ways, it appears
that she doesn’t care if it offends or hurts anyone who gets
in her way


Because its her way and you better get inline
or she will stomp and mutter how evil you are.

Stompy and her personality kinda reminds me
​of some people in the fitness industry..

And im gonna let you know why..

There are so many personal trainers/coaches
out there who never conduct any continuous professional
development courses after they have finished their PT qualification.

They carry out the same routines and stick to the same
BS that they where taught 10 years ago

They are stuck in their ways like stompy and seem to hate
change or paying for courses to make sure they are up to
date with what is going on in the fitness industry
(shit R.E.Ps course don’t count!)

If you ask them why it has to be this way and they
say just because i told you so, they are like stompy
and dont like change, because they don’t know any

So the question you should ask yourself is:

If they don’t like change, how can they take you
to the next level..?

Please READ ON:

The trainer who doesn’t like change will do a
few things that should make you wary:

If they do any of these..RUN A MILE!!

1. If they warm you up with 20-30 mins of Cardio

2. If they take you for every session on machine weights 

3. If they smash you in every session with no coaching

4. If they sit and count every rep with no coaching

5. If they leave you on the running machine for the whole session

6. If they are on their phone whilst training you

7. If they don’t write you a plan

8. If they sell diet shakes or magic pills

So there you have it, stompy doesn’t like change and is
a bit like the trainers out there who refuse to change

If they stay stuck in their ways, it will only be detrimental
to you as a client and you won’t reach that next level,
either in the gym or when you want to use one of stompy’s

Pick the right coach and stay away from stompy.


​Sean Cole
​Head Coach