6 Healthy ways to combat your s**t diet.

November 20th 2016



This little blog piece is to give you a better idea of what you need to do, in order to have some balance instead of piling crap into your face at any given opportunity.

It is not about food deprivation, bland food, a rigid diet – it is all about forming some good habits in your life, that will make the journey sustainable.

Know who you are.

Some people are so dam good at food prep, they make it look easy, some of you are just plain rubbish. The answer is simple, just do what your good at.

Find your way, if it means using the microwave for some rice and sticking some meat in the oven, crack on…if you worry about the conventional wisdom of eating 6 small meals a day (boring) don’t do it… just find your way.

Knowing who you are, will make the pitfalls of a healthy lifestyle a little less daunting, if you feel you snack on biscuits, don’t buy them, if you like the odd bag of crisps, make sure it’s not the multipack or the family size.

Slight changes are the way ahead….It can be as simple as restricting just 200 calories of crap food per day, to lose weight progressively over a year.
Eat something different.

I get it.. eating boiled broccoli and rice with every meal can be crap. We all seem to concentrate on the meat. We season the meat and care for it, why not try the same with your vegetables..? Give them some flavour and they will start to be a little less boring.

This will then mean that you can pile more veg on the plate and trick yourself into eating the massive portions you did before…. Resulting in slightly less calories and a trimmer waistline.
Eat less meat

I never thought I would write this down, but you need to stick to it, I LOVE MEAT..!

The main part of your diet should come from veg, grains, nuts seeds etc – You need fibre to keep yourself regular and on top form. The plate should be ½ Veg for the fibre and some of your protein needs can be covered by the nuts, seeds and grains.
Stop having mahoosive portions

There are 3 things that  cross our mind when food is mentioned.

I am starving, I could probably eat something, I am full.

We are usually hovering around the “I could probably eat something” most of the time, however you can bet your own arse, that if someone puts down some food in front of you, you will eat it. #truthhurts #fattybumbum

Why not try these little tips: Eat slowly (this will ensure you are feeling full before the meat sweats hit you) and Stop before you are full (this will give your brain a chance to catch up with the hole in the front of your face)
Stop drinking your calories

Drinks like beer and soft drinks, contain lots of calories and hardly any nutrients.

Drinking calories is easy, it won’t fill you up. A pint of beer is 180 calories (some are more) and a can of coke is 150 calories – It all mounts up, when your trying to lose that last little bit of lard.
Stop eating packaged processed foods

I don’t need to say anything on this, it is processed and full of crap. However if you are caught short, make sure you read the labels, don’t be fooled by the claims or the marketing BS.


Sean Cole
Training Director

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