4 Benefits Of Strength Training To Improve Your Body

September 15th 2018


I know that you know that the any type of exercise is good for your body…


…but do you know that strength training has a few more benefits that may give you a little bit more of what you need?


Here are 4 benefits that we think will enable you to smash your goals.


Strengthens your bones

it is common for bone mineral density to decrease as you creep over the age of 40, which can make them easier to break.

Exercising with weights can slow this process down and may even promote more bone growth if done correctly and as bonus, if you conduct compound movements (squats, deadlifts etc) it will target the parts that could get injured most – Knees and Hips!


It will get you buff!

Well kind off – If you eat well and train hard, you can build some muscle, which in turn can get you leaner. The studies show that strength training alongside a good cardio vascular routine and nutrition guidance is the best way to decrease the loss of muscle over time.


Lose Weight/Fat

Strength training not only builds muscles it can help to reduce body fat (as long as your nutrition is on point!). If you have more muscle, your body can work harder, therefore it burns more fat.


It will bring balance to a hectic life

Strength training can improve your quality of life, by enabling you to be more adept at catching yourself as you fall, when your senior years catch up with you.

It is also great for improving your balance, keeping you fit and making you less likely to get injured.


Sean Cole

Training Director

SC Vital Fitness

P.S – If you have any questions, please comment below or get in touch at sean@scvitalfitness.co.uk