3 fitness tips that are actually bad advice

February 14th 2019


After working in the industry for many years, I have heard a lot of advice that has been given out, that usually results in injury and eventually a lack of adherence to any programme.

The thing is it is common for many people who enter a gym to ask for this advice of a friend who workouts out or a trainer (who doesn’t have a clue!) in the gym or even worse the lady or girl with the biggest guns and Instagram profile.

To that end I have put together the 3 most common tips that are given out in everyday gyms that are actually bad for you and will do more harm than good.

1. Lift big or go home

This is usually told to you by the Meathead in the gym, where in reality going to any type of failure or over-training in every workout can be detrimental to your gains. The focus should be on a slow and steady approach as in the GAS model that was proposed in the 1930’s and still stands today.

This slow and steady is the approach required for long term adaptation, major fat loss and muscle gain.





2. No pain, No gain (Cheers bro)

This is a ridiculous notion! Usually if you strive for pain in a workout you will lose form on the exercises you selected, you will end up injured and the gym will be a distant memory. I’m not talking about DOMS (muscle soreness) from your workout, I’m talking real level pain, DONT DO IT!


3. Crunches and sit ups give you a 6 pack (again, cheers bro)

You mention core and everyone points to their abs.

The core is actually a little more complicated, it means keeping your pelvis steady and in the middle (kind of), so every muscle that is attached to your pelvis is a core muscle (see diagram) Think of exercises like, plank, ball rollouts (anti extension) Side plank, pallof press (anti rotation) etc

But and it’s a big butt, the only way you will see a 6 pack is if you stop eating crap, no amount of core exercises will give you the 6 pack, but eating less crap will.


These simple steps will give you longevity in your training, which in turn will give you the greatest long term results

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know

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