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Sean Cole ASCC

Head Coach at SC Vital Fitness

Sean has a dynamic and gregarious nature to his coaching style, loves his coffee, black with cream. He has a passion for being a strength athlete with an appetite for doing things right and an even bigger appetite for toasted teacakes. Best known for calling out the BS in the fitness industry, that has kept many a trainer stuck in the old school, no results mentality. Sean is on a personal mission to change the way the fitness industry trains its clients with a non-BS approach and has proven track record.

‚ÄčA fully accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach (UKSCA), who likes to socialise with the odd pint of cider and a game of rugby, loves good home cooked food (that the missus doesn't burn), soul music and of course, strength training. Sean will help you drive your fitness goals to the next level, using a mixture of coaching with passion and drive that will help you achieve some awesome results and a balanced outlook to your life, making you feel refreshed, energised and more alive than ever, guaranteed.